Saturday, March 8, 2008

Marketing Tips For Small Business

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Are you a businessman? Do you want to be a part of the business world and desire to be a business magnet? If yes, come let' s know about some of the marketing tips. Whether you are trying to establish a small business or an international corporate chain marketing tips are the most essential. To catch the actual demand of the market you need to be aware of the different types of marketing and advertising strategies. As it will help you to fulfill the accurate demand of the public as well as your business partners. By following some of the marketing tips you can also find yourself in a comfortable position among your business rivals.
If you have preference for small business you may follow some of the following marketing tips.

Among the foremost marketing tips for the businessman of small corporate sectors is to verify the absolute demand of the market. You have also to research the causes of selling of that particular products that you have opted for your business. Marketing tips also demand when the customers buy and where they buy. You have also to be very accurate while judging the needs and reasons of the customers behind purchasing the products. Be subtle while seeking the causes of the customers for buying the products. You have to find out the benefits that the customers are enjoying from those products. One of the important thing you have to keep in mind that what type of products are being supplied by your competitors.

Secondly, you also have to make decisions on the objectives of your business. You must be very careful while choosing and identifying the targets of the customers. Being acquainted with the aspects of the markets you have to arrange your business. If you follow these things you will find that you are serving as per the proper nature and demand of the marklet.

Among the major marketing tips are also included the aspects of promoting and selling of the the products of your business. You must opt for proper agents and appoint perfect distributors for developing your business. The agents and distributors help to promote your business to a large extent.

Last but not the least among the most significant marketing tips that you have to follow is the monitoring of the marketing activities that are the main aspects of your business. You must evaluate the effectiveness of the activities of your marketing policies that are particularly for the satisfaction of the customer. Finally, you have to also to find out the results of your marketing policies.

Focusing on your customers will prove to be very demanding and perfect if you want to develop your business. As customers are the targets that can only make your business a great success. If your business is absolutely sales oriented always keep in mind about the approaching style to your customers.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Customer Engagement as Consumer Behavior in Marketing Strategy

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Customer Engagement means a state where customers are engaged with one another or with a company or a brand. It is an initiative taken by the consumer or the company and the medium of customer engagement can be both off line and online. Consumer behavior is the understanding of consumer psychology; the buyers make a decision before buying a product. Study and analysis related to what the consumer buy, how and why they buy the product is what consumer behavior deals with. The analysis of consumer psychology is very significant; it is the key part of the general corporate strategy and the key factor towards building up a great company. Here we will discuss about customer engagement as consumer behavior.
Customer engagement as consumer behavior is the process of analyzing, assessing, designing and building up customer experience and relationship between company programs and processes. Customer interaction involves four stages. They are:

* Initiation
* Integration
* Intelligence
* Value Creation

Initiation which is the first stage of customer engagement refers to actively welcoming a new customer and starting off a new relationship with him or her. It means starting the work for which the company has in mind or implementing a particular product or service. The second stage or integration is the management which entails the assessment of the product or service after the first stage of initiation. In the initial stages the process of development, creation and production usage usually starts, Integration integrates all these aspects to achieve and attain operational excellence. The third stage of customer interaction or intelligence is putting in all the previous learning and expertise gathered from the preceding two stages and combining it with the additional researches and finding of facts. Fact finding refers to the understanding and evaluating the customer and the vendor performance. Vendor decides from the point of financial standpoint as to invest in what kind of relationship with the customers. They need to concentrate on the strategic points and assess the customer’ long term goals. Value creation is the last stage of customer interaction but it is equally important. Assessing customer performance and understanding their psychology is an important part of it. The partnership with the customer should be great and effort should be taken towards innovation and creation of new value. Value creation also refers to the process where recommendations are obtained form the customers to flag off new business or businesses. The experience in each and every stage is based on the emotional factor, intellectual factor, behavioral factor and culminating status. The first judges the feeling of the customer; the second ponders on what the customer might be thinking; the third deals with how the vendor wishes to change the behavior of the customers and lastly propelling the customer to the point of next transition. Customer engagement is important and trying to retain the customer loyalty can be done through assessment of consumer behavior. Thus we see the inter-relation of the two factors and understand the importance of customer engagement as consumer behavior.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Strategic Marketing Models

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Marketing strategies are the courses of action that may let the companies to ponder its controlled resources on the most favorable opportunities to raise sales and accomplish the steady competitive goals. The participants engaged in marketing frequently engage Strategic Models and devices to scrutinize the decisions of marketing. The 3Cs may be applied when a strategic examination is started for obtaining a deep insight of the strategic surroundings. An Ansoff Matrix is applied frequently for suggesting the strategic placement of the marketing mix of a business. The 4Ps then can be employed to design a marketing plan to follow a particular strategy.
One of the most famous Strategic Models is the 3C Model. It is in fact, a strategic glance at the elements that are required for being successful. Designed by a business and commercial strategist Kenichi Ohmae, the 3C Model indicates the importance of the concentration by a strategist on the three most crucial criteria for accomplishment. Three important players should be considered while developing a business strategy, these players being the Corporation, the Customer and the Competitors. A steady competitive benefit may exist by uniting the 3Cs exclusively in a strategic triangle. These three crucial factors are referred by Ohmae as the ‘strategic triangle’ or the three Cs. The Corporation requires strategies for maximizing the strengths of the corporation in comparison to the operational areas that are important to be successful in the field of business.

An Ansoff Matrix or Product-Market Growth Matrix is a marketing device designed by Igor Ansoff. This matrix lets the marketer to think of procedures to develop the business with the help of the new and/or existing products in new or/and existing markets. The Ansoff Matrix also guides the businesses to make decisions about the course of action that should be followed on the basis of the present performance. The Ansoff Matrix includes four marketing strategies – Market penetration, Product development, Market Development and Diversification. Ohmae considers the consumers to be the basis of a marketing strategy and thus the major aim is to look after the consumer’s interest and not that of the shareholder. The marketing strategies that take the competitors into consideration can be created by focusing at the probable sources of delineation in operations.

The marketing mix is considered normally as the application and requirement of the important 4 Ps that indicate the strategic arrangement of any product in the market. The basic dogmas of marketing usually describes these 4 Ps in spite of the addition of some extra Ps, like packaging and personnel, by the marketer – Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sectoral Tactics and Actions of strategic marketing

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Marketing strategies are the procedures that can let a business firm to focus its restricted resources on the biggest opportunities to enhance profits and receive an incessant benefit from competition. Marketing strategies are the most useful when they are the integral parts of the business strategies by describing the way any company will effectively involve competitors, prospects and customers in the field of business. Some parts of the marketing strategy are deduced from more expansive corporate strategies, corporate assignments and business goals. Marketing strategy is intimately related with sales as the customer is the primary basis of the revenues earned by as a business.
A key factor of the marketing strategy is frequently to keep the level of marketing parallel to that of the dominant mission statement of a business and any marketing strategy involves the employment a number of Sectoral Tactics and Actions for making the marketing plans for successful.

A publishing strategy can also act as the basis of a plan for marketing. Any marketing plan is comprised of a series of particular actions needed to employ a marketing strategy productively. A company, for example, plans to use a low price for its products for attracting consumers. Once this company establishes a rapport with the customers, this company will offer extra costly products or services for increasing the interaction of the customers with the cheap product or service. A marketing strategy includes a chain of Sectoral Tactics and Actions for making any marketing plan more useful. A marketing strategy provides the basic groundwork of the marketing plans that are devised to meet the requirements of the market and attain the goals of marketing. The aims and plans are usually tried out for calculable outcomes.

The marketing strategies regularly integrate the marketing policies, objectives, and series of the Sectoral Tactics and Actions of a company, into a complete one. The different chains of the marketing strategies in the same way can include internet marketing, channel marketing, public relations, promotion and advertising, can be organized. A number of businesses flow a strategy all across the company by forming strategic approaches that are changed into strategy objectives for the next group or level. Each level is supposed to be following that strategic aim and design a series of ways to accomplish that objective. For this reason every strategic goal should be calculable. Marketing strategies are interactional and active, and are partly planned or unplanned. Strategy dynamics or the dynamic model of marketing strategy is a method of comprehending the occurrence of the strategic actions.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Key Part of the General Corporate Strategy

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Corporate strategy depends on the foresight and vision of the person who is the owner of a company or the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company. Having a dream and nurturing it to reality is the key part of the general corporate strategy. Vision is the key element in establishing a great company. But vision without action is null and void; so the corporate strategy has to be implemented to churn out profit and gain for the company.
Strategic corporate management involves formulation, implementation and evaluation of company aspects and features that will help the company attain its goals and objectives. One of the key parts of the general corporate strategy is that the company owner and the top bracket officials should be able to energize employees and encourage them toward attaining the formulated company objectives, visions and missions. Direct and constant communication between the employer and the employees is a must. The company top boss is the main architect of general corporate strategy; he is like the captain of the ship guiding the working employees with his or her inspirational leadership.

Another important aspect of strategies taken by corporate offices is to draft a mission statement. Mission statement means a document which has drafted the organization’s vision. It pens down the leader’s views and purpose for the company profit and proliferation. Their priorities are written down; mission statement of a company should be treated as the Bible of corporate strategies by each and every individual in the corporate office.

The major aspect of setting goals as a key part of the general corporate strategy is strategic road-mapping and strategic planning. But the goal that has been set should be realistic and should be set for a short span of time. Long term goals tend to diffuse the effect of it. Short term galas gives sense of direction; once that is reached one can switch on to the next goal as per the corporate strategy. This can be called focus strategy; focusing on one aspect at a time. One prominent of focus strategy is that it should concentrate more on future opportunities rather than problems and troubles of the present. Overcoming the hurdles and moving towards the peak of success should be the aim of every company.

There are many books, journals and magazines that one can go through to understand about key part of general corporate strategy. The leading companies publish annual review about the growth of the company; these are a good source to understand general corporate strategies. This is also called strategic intent; the motto of every individual should be to look towards a bigger picture but focus on micro to achieve the macro.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is another key part of the general corporate strategy. Meeting their needs is a prime objective besides meeting all the global challenges and opportunities. Marketing is another key aspect of a corporate strategy; creating a place for yourself in the competitive marketplace is of crucial importance.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

What is Operational marketing?

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marketing is the procedure by which the consumers’ wants for certain products and services are distinguished and then consumers are brought in close contact with the services and products. All sorts of business follow the marketing strategies to increase the wants of the respective products and services in the market. Making the consumers aware of the available products/ services in the market is one of the fundamental parts of marketing. By including different arenas like advertising, distribution and selling, the marketing of a product/ service is carried out. Market research is very crucial for any kind of marketing strategy.

Marketing is basically carried out in two levels, namely strategic marketing and operational marketing. Strategic marketing works when organizations grow by competing with the competent companies. In contrast, operational marketing mainly works as per the marketing strategies. The basic points which are significant in operational marketing are how to attract the customers, maximization of their wants and meeting customer satisfaction by catering the best service. In other language the term operational marketing can be described as the means through which the maximum amount and best quality of product/ service can be attained at the least amount. The purpose of marketing mix is also a part of operational marketing.

For making the marketing strategies more lucrative marketing has been segregated into four sets of activities such as product, pricing, promotion and placement (also called distribution). All these four sets blended together strengthen the marketing strategies. While marketing the products the promotional strategies and pricing of the commodities is considered greatly. The distribution of the products and channels used to market the commodities is very important. The wholesalers and agents engaged in the process of distribution of the products effect their marketing to a large extent. Some of the criteria which fall under the operational marketing strategy are:

Optimization of all the marketing processes: All the marketing strategies included in increasing the demand of products should be channelized in proper directions. More wants are to be created among the consumers with better distribution, at a much cheaper rate. Managing multiple vendors effectively: In operational marketing strategy, the vendors involved in the selling and marketing of the products are maintained at cheapest rate. Better communication: Communication is another method of marketing. It is recommended that the communication gap between the manufacturer and vendors should be as less as possible. This not only helps the vendors to know the products better but also put in more effort for selling the products. The marketing team should not have communication gap. This directly affects the promotion and distribution of the products, which further leads to less demand of products/ services. Improving the infectiveness of operational methods: The loopholes pertaining in the operation of proper marketing should be avoided by the manufacturers.

By selecting both the marketing strategies, manufacturers will not only increase the output but also the promotional rates come down. Operational marketing strategy also includes proper advertisement, which increases the publicity and sales of the products/services.

Take time to consider the points presented above. What you learn may help you overcome your hesitation to take action.

Strategic Marketing & Consumer Demands

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Marketing is basically the ways utilized to understand consumer demands, increase a demand for a product/ service and attracting the varied consumers toward the particular product/ service. Usage of proper marketing strategies brings about tremendous business growth. Marketing techniques are used strategically in order to increase the consumer’s awareness for different products/ services. Some of the keys to attain better business are through advertising, distribution as well as selling and these are achieved through effective market research.

The two levels in which marketing is carried out are operational marketing and strategic marketing. The work of operational marketing is to attract consumers towards the new and upcoming products and services and maintain the goodwill by catering proper customer service. In contrast strategic marketing is the way by which an organization competes with other competitors.

Different strategies are undertaken in order to attain an advantage over the other competing companies of the market place. In order to do so the four P’s of marketing, namely product, pricing, promotion and place (also referred as distribution) are taken care of considerably. By understanding and implementing these four parameters of marketing the products can do immensely well in the market. Three more sets of P’s, namely people process and physical evidence, can be added to the prior theory of strategic marketing. However, with the marketing strategies changing with the change in market condition, the brand new P’s which have come up are: Personalization, Participation, Peer-to-Peer and Predictive modeling.

For carrying out the strategic marketing policies effectively what needs to be kept in mind are the packaging and trademark of the product, pricing of the product as well as the distribution channel through which the marketing of the product is carried out. Excellent packaging and trademark not only reflects the excellent qualities of the company but also the customer service tag attached to it. Requirement of a trade mark is always necessary for making the consumers aware of the product and letting them remember the product and its qualities. Pricing of a product is generally kept at par with the same sort of product of the competitive companies. This negligible difference in the prices helps the consumers to buy the best and effective product. Distribution channels are strengthened in order do the marketing of the products in a much better manner. Proper manufacturers, wholesalers and agents are responsible for better marketing of the products and services.

Advertising products in the best possible manner increases the sale and goodwill of the products considerably. Attractive and convincing advertisements help better promotion of the commodities and hence increase the competition with other companies. Apart from print and media advertisement, web advertisements have also commenced in the recent times. However, while carrying out the strategic marketing policies the focus on the products are not shifted. Fall in the quality of the product and customer service makes the strategic marketing conditions ineffective. Hence, in order to remain the best in the market place and give competition to the other organizations the strategic marketing should be followed effectively.

Those who only know one or two facts about strategic marketing can be confused by misleading information. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you're learning on strategic marketing.