Friday, February 8, 2008

Strategic Marketing Models

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Marketing strategies are the courses of action that may let the companies to ponder its controlled resources on the most favorable opportunities to raise sales and accomplish the steady competitive goals. The participants engaged in marketing frequently engage Strategic Models and devices to scrutinize the decisions of marketing. The 3Cs may be applied when a strategic examination is started for obtaining a deep insight of the strategic surroundings. An Ansoff Matrix is applied frequently for suggesting the strategic placement of the marketing mix of a business. The 4Ps then can be employed to design a marketing plan to follow a particular strategy.
One of the most famous Strategic Models is the 3C Model. It is in fact, a strategic glance at the elements that are required for being successful. Designed by a business and commercial strategist Kenichi Ohmae, the 3C Model indicates the importance of the concentration by a strategist on the three most crucial criteria for accomplishment. Three important players should be considered while developing a business strategy, these players being the Corporation, the Customer and the Competitors. A steady competitive benefit may exist by uniting the 3Cs exclusively in a strategic triangle. These three crucial factors are referred by Ohmae as the ‘strategic triangle’ or the three Cs. The Corporation requires strategies for maximizing the strengths of the corporation in comparison to the operational areas that are important to be successful in the field of business.

An Ansoff Matrix or Product-Market Growth Matrix is a marketing device designed by Igor Ansoff. This matrix lets the marketer to think of procedures to develop the business with the help of the new and/or existing products in new or/and existing markets. The Ansoff Matrix also guides the businesses to make decisions about the course of action that should be followed on the basis of the present performance. The Ansoff Matrix includes four marketing strategies – Market penetration, Product development, Market Development and Diversification. Ohmae considers the consumers to be the basis of a marketing strategy and thus the major aim is to look after the consumer’s interest and not that of the shareholder. The marketing strategies that take the competitors into consideration can be created by focusing at the probable sources of delineation in operations.

The marketing mix is considered normally as the application and requirement of the important 4 Ps that indicate the strategic arrangement of any product in the market. The basic dogmas of marketing usually describes these 4 Ps in spite of the addition of some extra Ps, like packaging and personnel, by the marketer – Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

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